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Smart Works are working smart with PicoPix

Case Study

Smart Works is a charity focused on helping out-of-work women on low incomes get back into the workforce. They provide interview coaching, high quality interview clothes and styling advice. Their aim is to help women to feel confident, look fabulous, succeed at their job interview and move on with their life. Smart Works Reading was set-up in October 2015 to target unemployment in the Thames Valley area.

Visual aids are a key component in getting the message across
Visual aids are a key component in getting the message across

Training presentations form a big part of their week. They are either training volunteers working for Smart Works or the volunteers are training the women they are helping to get back into work. Either way, visual aids are a key component in getting the message across and projecting the right image is very important. Fortunately they have a little help from a tiny pocket projector, the Philips PicoPix PPX4010.

Sarah Burns, Co Chair & Founder of Smart Works Reading explains, “What we needed was a small, portable, efficient projector that we could use in the office or out and about. We have little storage at Smart Works so being small and portable is essential, but what we wanted was to ensure we still could present ourselves as professional and effective. The Philips PicoPix projector ticked all the boxes.”

Measuring just 68x66x22mm, about the size of a computer mouse and weighing only 83g the PicoPix4010 is certainly portable. It easily slips into a laptop bag, handbag or coat-pocket. It can be taken, ready to present anywhere. While it’s very small it packs a professional punch, delivering a bright 100 lumen, 120” image.

Connecting up and projecting is quick and simple via its HDMI cable which allows connection to laptops and notebooks or other devices like DVD player, TV source or even a games console plus with various HDMI adapters you can connect to tablets or even smartphones.

Sarah Burns confirmed, “We just had our Volunteer training day and we managed to use both a laptop & iPad and project different presentations easily and effectively on to the limited wall space available. There was great excitement at the mini size of projector and how easy it was to set up and use!”

In less than 12 months the team at Smart Works have helped over 200 women. They have a 73% success rate in securing re-employment for their clients and the impact on these women’s lives is huge. Permanent employment brings renewed self-esteem, confidence, financial stability and independence making a big difference for their children and home-life in general.

It sounds like the PicoPix is also gainfully employed as an important member of the Smark Works team.

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