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Sky Sports unveils ‘tactics table’ as Sharp’s BIG PAD

Sharp’s award-winning BIG PAD PN-70TW is being used by broadcaster Sky for its flagship football analysis programme on Sky Sports; Monday Night Football. 

The Tactics Table is the BIG PAD PN-70TW

When Sky Sports was looking for a new large format interactive touchscreen for the renowned ‘Tactics Table’ on Monday Night Football the company turned to Broadcast & Production Services (BPS), a leading supplier of broadcast and audio equipment for the industry.

Sky Sports’ Tactics Table enables the show’s presenters to digitally recreate key moments in the game and manipulate graphics on screen to show possible tactics teams can use in specific situations. To ensure the screen was up to the job, BPS was tasked with sourcing and providing a touchscreen solution which was reliable and tough enough to withstand regular travel, could be installed as a table and had both a high quality screen resolution and broad colour temperature range.

After reviewing a number of options Sharp’s BIG PAD was chosen as the best solution for the Sky Sports team. The BIG PAD PN-70TW features a 70-inch touch screen, which minimises latency and means writing or drawing on the screen is far more natural and very similar to the experience of using a smartphone or tablet. Additionally the BIG PAD is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its inbuilt carry handles, making it extremely valuable in corporate or broadcast production settings where it may need to be moved around frequently.

Brian Naylor, Sports Technical Manager at Sky Sports, commented: “We’ve really embraced technology with this show, and the Sharp BIG PAD screens we have are the most reliable and consistent for the job as we need to know that nothing will go wrong with the systems or products we use when we’re producing a live show.

“Here at Sky, we’ve been an advocate for interactive flat panel displays since the early days of the technology, and we’ve moved on quite a bit since the very earliest models. For the Monday Night Football and Friday Night Football teams, using touchscreen technology properly is all about enabling the presenter to do the match analysis and get their story across to the viewer at home in an innovative and engaging way. So it cannot be too complicated, it has to be relatively intuitive and straightforward to use. Otherwise you risk losing your viewer by getting bogged down in boring menus.”

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