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Should you buy a 4K Webcam? by JPL

More and more people are needing to use Webcams, whether they are social distancing in the office or working from home. There is a whole host of webcams on the market with a choice of capabilities including 4K webcams – But do you really need one?

One of the main considerations is bandwidth, be it in the office or at home. 4K webcams can use 25-35Mb of bandwidth which not many people realise and very few offices or homes would have the sort of bandwidth capable of managing multiple users all using it at the same time. The result could be a poor picture and poor sound quality, and in most cases, given the current infrastructure and bandwidths globally, a good quality HD 1080p would give a much better send/receive picture and sound.

As more and more people are working from home, many are wondering which webcam is best for their online meetings. There’s a lot to like about a 4K webcam, such as the high definition image, depth perception, and colour but the reality is most people probably don’t need one for their uses. If you’re someone who only uses their webcam for Microsoft Teams/ Zoom calls or streaming online, then a HD 1080p webcam should be more than enough and, in most cases, give an overall better experience.

There is a place for 4K webcams, and this is often in meetings or conference rooms as opposed to multiple on-site locations. So, it’s just a limited number of users that require the higher bandwidth needed for 4K webcams to operate correctly. Most people who stream content online are doing so at 1080p. This is because the common monitor, laptop, and television screen used in offices and home environments don’t have the ability to display a 4K image without distorting or downscaling the image. This means there is no need for a 4K webcam which would only be downscaled, as a default, down to the lower HD 1080p.

If you plan on streaming content at 4K or recording videos locally to upload later, then a 4K webcam may make more sense, as the higher resolution will let you crop in on things without losing too much detail in the image. However, the 1080p video would still give a desired result to the common user.

For most Office and work at home users who require webcams for video calls with clients and colleagues, then take a look at our Vision+ and Vision & Voice range of 1080p webcam solutions. We have specified the important features needed for a professional user, be it from the Office or home, and are perfect for daily reliable use, with both image and audio hands-free with built-in microphones of the Vision+. Our Vision+ has been received very well with orders flying out the door so be sure to get in contact with our sales team. For privacy or a higher concentration conversation, we recommend the use of a USB headset that JPL has over 16 years in designing and supplying for business users.

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