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Safe office power units from Burland

Burland has at last overcome the thorny issue of outlet protection in office furniture electrics. The universal 20mm equipment fuses found in most office furniture power units have a nasty habit of blowing far too frequently as they are not really designed for electrical installation, but rather for use inside electrical equipment.

The Chameleon is available in a range of colours

Unfortunately, whilst a blown fuse is not a major event, it can often take considerable time and cost to provide skilled staff to replace the affected item.

Burland Technology Solution’s new eLink furniture power units and Chameleon above desk units (ADU) utilise 5A CBE switch circuit breakers in order to provide the outlet protection suggested in BS6396, the standard of recommended best practice for power in office and school furniture. Inconvenience and costs are radically reduced as when an overcurrent event occurs, the breaker pops just as in a domestic “fuse box” and can be reset with a simple flick of the switch.

A full range of different sized outlets are available and some of the ADU units incorporate high powered USB charging facilities as well as the ability to add on other connectivity accessories like HDMI for linking portable devices to fixed monitors or hard wired [CAT6] data installations. The Chameleon is available in a huge array of different colours to enliven any environment or identify different work areas.

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