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Roundup of the free services and offerings for businesses during COVID-19 ( Updated)


Slack, the leading channels-based messaging platform, is offering support to all charities and other companies carrying out critical relief efforts during this time with free access to a Slack paid subscription for three months. To help people around the world adapt to remote work, Slack is here to help and this initiative will give eligible workers access to features such as unlimited app integrations to bring the tools workers use every day right into Slack, and group calls with screen sharing to help connect individuals and boost productivity.

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Are offering “Fully comprehensive managed IT”encompassing Office 365, file sharing, back-ups, email, multi-layer security & support:  free set-up and free 3 months rental with no minimum contract to help businesses make the change to secure and productive remote working necessitated by COVID-19, Cloudbox are offering our full Cloudbox Business Service free of charge for 3 months:

To explore whether this option could help you transition to highly secure, productive remote working please contact the Cloudbox team on 020 3761 8081 or

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OfficeSuite is a complete office solution, fully compatible with Office 365, that includes modules for Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, PDF editing and Mail with Calendar. It offers all the tools, including a PDF editor, to get your work done anywhere – from your Windows PC, Android or iOS mobile devices.

If you and your team are working from home due to the corona pandemic, MobiSystems is providing free OfficeSuite Premium licenses for 3 months at: 

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Prezi is now allowing educators free access to its services during the global pandemic.

A global leader in visual communications tools, traditionally the free Prezi offering is only available if presentations and video are publicly available to view. Due to the sensitive nature of the content teachers need to deliver to students, they can now enjoy full privacy for all the content they create.

For context, Prezi Video puts a presenter’s content on the screen alongside them, enabling teachers to maintain eye contact and use facial cues, while pointing to specific content for emphasis — all vital for maintaining student engagement.

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Airwallex has waived its FX and payment fees for the next two months for UK and Australian customers impacted by the pandemic, to help businesses in need continue to operate internationally. Using smart cross-border payment technology, the fintech company provides businesses with a global account to collect, hold and transfer payments to over 130 countries, without any hidden charges, helping organisations to scale all over the world.

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Global search and AI-driven analytics company  has built a new data model to determine optimal shutdown lengths for different countries in order to help minimise the mortality rate of COVID-19. This model uses publicly available data to forecast the impact on mortality based on differing lengths of shutdown, in conjunction with other parameters like virus reproduction rate, available ventilators, and more. The model is available for anyone to build their own scenario via the simulator and can be accessed here.

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Hastee, the ‘Earnings on Demand’ platform, has waived all transaction fees for the next three months for all customers, so that all workers, regardless of their job situation can access their wages as soon as they need them at a time when for many their personal cashflow is under significant pressure. Hastee are leading the emerging Earnings on Demand category in the UK and already support 100,000 workers in the NHS, care homes, manufacturing, food supply chain and hospitality sectors.

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CrowdStrike, a global cybersecurity leader, is redefining security for the cloud era with an endpoint protection platform built from the ground up to stop breaches. In order to help organisations cope with these new and unexpected developments, CrowdStrike is offering two new limited-time programmes to address challenges introduced by the large numbers of managed and unmanaged devices being used by newly remote workers.


  • Burst Licensing: For corporate-owned devices, CrowdStrike is introducing a Burst Licensing programme. This programme is designed to ensure that CrowdStrike’s customers are able to remain nimble and rapidly deploy new systems for remote workers as needed.
  • Falcon Prevent for Home Use: For employee-owned devices, CrowdStrike is introducing a new programme: Falcon Prevent for Home Use. This allows organisations to provide their employees with a low-cost option for securing their personal computers, so employees who must use a home system to access corporate resources can do so safely and productively.

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Disciple, a community-as-a-service platform, is removing member limits to enable communities to grow without the worry of extra costs. At a time where community is crucial, Disciple is also offering free software to the public sector in cases where it can improve communication or support the population. Such software aims to enhance support for those at the front line of this crisis by improving their digital capabilities and connection to their community and each other. Disciple is also working closely with businesses that provide mental health services and is offering increased support, discounts and free software to companies impacted by the crisis.

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Pipedrive, the first CRM platform developed from the salesperson’s point of view, has launched a new fortnightly webinar series which aims to support and offer business practical advice during the crisis. The first session will focus on the macroeconomic issues affecting sales and marketing amid the coronavirus outbreak, with the aim of helping teams find solutions to critical issues and opportunities to drive sales success. A panel of experts including Chris Shipley, an innovation analyst and author of the upcoming book ‘The Adaptation Advantage’, and Lisa Coyle, Co-CEO of 360 Payments, a payment processor and a Pipedrive customer, will provide insights and practical tips on how to stay connected to customers and complete sales in a time of crisis.

In addition to the webinar series, Pipedrive is enabling sales teams to share ideas before and after each session to feature on Pipedrive’s community forum, in which sales and marketing professionals can share and learn from peers across their respective industries.

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