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Requests for out of stock items increase over 9,000% during pandemic

Cartridge Save has released an ​article on ink shortages​ to explain why many consumers are struggling to find their printer cartridges. The reasons include scarcity of raw materials, Brexit and unprecedented demand caused by changes in behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The article goes on to share some key metrics on out of stock items, including the number of requests made on the website for out of stock items. Shockingly, this shows that in May 2020 the number of requests for out of stock items increased by 9,040% year-on-year, from 47 to 4,296 requests.

Cartridge Save also shares its top 10 most requested out of stock items, which interestingly are all ​HP ink​.

Ian Cowley, Managing Director of Cartridge Save, commented: “Home working and homeschooling continue to drive a huge shift away from toner to ink cartridges.

“The industry cannot keep up with demand and this is causing frustration to consumers. We’ve done all we can to try and relieve the issue, but if the stock doesn’t exist, we can’t buy it and supply it to our customers.

“Every day we are getting over 100 customers requesting an email notification for when products come back in stock.

“We receive hundreds of emails from upset customers who recently purchased a printer, but now cannot get ink. We hope this article helps to explain some of the reasons why this is happening.”

The full article along with the list of most requested out of stock printer cartridges, and a graph showing out of stock data since September 2018, can be found on the Cartridge Save website.​

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About Cartridge Save:

Cartridge Save is the largest printer and ink retailer in the UK with sales in excess of 43 million GBP. Its range of own-brand cartridges save customers an average of 45%. It stocks 12,000 types of cartridges alongside printers and paper.

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