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Remote working: WORK WHERE YOU WANT

Three quarters (75%) of Britons say they are happier working from home, with 53% claiming that being able to choose where they work has had a positive impact on their mental health, reveals a new study of 2,000 mainly desk-based workers by Huawei.

Nine out of 10 workers (88%) want to continue working from home part of the week, with 60% wanting to work remotely three days or more and 17% preferring to be out of the office for all five days.

Workers with desk-based jobs typically work remotely from an average of three different places each week, with 27% working from five or more locations. Only 30% log on from the same place every day.

Young people aged 18-24 are the most adventurous when it comes to working remotely, with 29% working from eight or more places each week. Baby boomers are more than twice as likely to work from the same place every day.

The top 10 spots for remote working excluding the office/commute are:

* 1 Garden (37%)
* 2 Café (19%)
* 3 Friend’s house (18%)
* 4 Park (16%)
* 5 Balcony (12%)
* 6 Holiday destination/holiday home (10.4%)
* 7 Colleague’s house (10%)
* 8 Pub (10%)
* 9 Beach (8.2%)
*10 Gym (6%)

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