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ECA International’s new Location Ratings Report has identified Edinburgh as the UK’s best city for European expats. The only UK city in the Top 20, Edinburgh was praised for its low levels of air pollution, high level of personal security and the presence of a thriving expat community.

In evaluating the liveability of 480 locations worldwide, ECA International considers a variety of factors including health services; housing and utilities; access to a social network; leisure facilities; infrastructure; climate; personal safety; political tensions; and air quality.

Top 20 most liveable locations for European expatriates

Location 2019 ranking
Copenhagen, Denmark 1
Bern, Switzerland 1
The Hague, Netherlands 3
Geneva, Switzerland 3
Stavanger, Norway 5
Amsterdam, Netherlands 6
Eindhoven, Netherlands 6
Basel, Switzerland 6
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg 9
Gothenburg, Sweden 9
Dublin, Irish Republic 9
Aarhus, Denmark 12
Rotterdam, Netherlands 12
Zurich, Switzerland 14
Bonn, Germany 15
Munich, Germany 15
Vienna, Austria 17
Hamburg, Germany 17
Stockholm, Sweden 19
Edinburgh, United Kingdom 19