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Recycling breakthrough for paper cups

Frugalpac claims to have overcome the difficulties of recycling conventional paper coffee cups. Currently just one in 400 of the 2.5

Coffee sales
Coffee sales

billion paper coffee cups disposed of in the UK each year are recycled, with most ending up in landfill.

Recycling paper cups is difficult because, before being cut and shaped into a cup, virgin paper is lined with a waterproof plastic layer. This is bonded tightly to the paper and becomes folded into seams when the cup is made, making it hard to separate during recycling.

Currently, just two places in the UK are able to do this.

Frugalpac is designed from the outset for collection and recycling in normal paper mills. By making the cup first and then fitting a plastic lining, the film does not have to be bonded so tightly and isn’t folded into the seams. This ensures that paper and plastic come away from each other during normal recycling.

Independent certification company Intertek has calculated that the carbon footprint of a Frugalpac cup is about half that of a normal paper cup.

Fairtrade coffee sales up

Sales of Fairtrade coffee increased by 11% in 2015, raising £5.7m in Fairtrade Premium for farmers and workers to invest in their

Durable UK coffee point
Durable UK coffee point

businesses and communities. Fairtrade Foundation’s annual report, Our Impact Story 2015-2016, states that growing UK sales of major Fairtrade categories, including cocoa, bananas, tea and coffee, generated almost £30 million in Fairtrade Premium in 2015.


Everything in its place

Durable’s new Coffee Point range (left) helps keep office kitchens, break-out areas and meeting rooms neat and tidy. The modular system includes a Coffee Point Box for tea bags, coffee pods/ capsules, sugar sachets and milk cartons; a Caddy drawer insert; a portable Case dispenser; a serving tray; and a bin for small recyclable items.

Divide and recycle

Another neat solution for small office kitchens is the dwiss recycling centre designed by Fellow53. Made in the UK from beech plywood, this compact unit has four compartments for the separation of different waste types. It costs £895 and can be ordered from

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