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What’s New: A round-up of new products for work and home

Bulletin: The rise of the workday consumer

Managed Services: How Apogee Corporation is expanding its offering to meet changing customer needs with Aurelio Maruggi

IT Services: Microsoft Modern Workplace underpins rapid growth for Manchester MSP Everything Tech

Collaboration: Jeff May explains why meeting equity really does matter

Workplace: Diane Lightfoot, CEO of Business Disability Forum, offers her top tips for making workplaces better for all

Cybersecurity: Why it’s time to replace Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt with an evidence-based, data-driven approach

Cybersecurity: Jeremy Hendy on what the Government and businesses must do to strengthen the cyber resilience of UK SMEs

Job without…: Glenn Merritt, Managing Partner of Intuita, highlights the six things he couldn’t do his job without

Computing: Panasonic launches the ultimate Toughbook

Office Design:  Sustainability is a defining feature of the Bee House collaborative workspace at Milton Park in Oxfordshire

Month in Numbers:  The world of work in numbers

“Comment ”

In our interview with Aurelio Maruggi, CEO of Apogee Corporation (see page 14), he describes the transformation occurring in workplaces up and down the country as a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity that he aims to take advantage of by diversifying Apogee’s service offering and becoming a trusted advisor to customers in a time of change. The opportunities for technology providers are considerable and our profile of Manchester-based MSP Everything Tech on page 16 highlights how profitable change can be for businesses that have expertise in the technologies and solutions that customers now demand.

The success of companies like Everything Tech shows the extent to which businesses of all sizes are embracing technologies that support new ways of working, including Microsoft 365 and Azure Virtual Desktops. Many people – not just Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg – have reservations about hybrid working, and on this month’s Bulletin pages we cover O.C. Tanner’s 2022 Global Culture Report, which highlights some of the challenges presented by remote working, particularly in relation to office friendships and personal connections. While everyone is still finding their way in this new world of work, it seems clear that the technologies that helped businesses survive the pandemic will also give them the flexibility to accommodate any working culture that eventually does emerge from this period of transition.

In the meantime, many businesses are taking advantage of this fluidity to repurpose their office space and create a more engaging environment for employees. This is not purely down to changing working practices but is also influenced by labour/skills shortages and the need to attract talent and retain existing staff. Research by facilities management company ISS World Services shows that employee engagement is now the Number One priority for global organisations, with environmental sustainability and talent attraction also rising up the rankings (see page 8).

On page 20, Diane Lightfoot, CEO of Business Disability Forum, urges employers to make the most of this opportunity by creating workplaces that are better for everyone. She offers numerous tips on how to create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities and encourages businesses to engage all employees in the discussion to ensure everyone’s needs are taken into consideration. However we end up working, the offices of
the future will hopefully be more welcoming spaces than they are today.

James Goulding, Editor,

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