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In This Issue:

What’s New: A round-up of new products for work and home

Collaboration: How to avoid hybrid meeting hell

Computing: Introducing the Logitech Pen

IPTelephony: Snom celebrates its first 25 years

E-commerce: How Doji aims to disrupt the market for used mobile phones

Tech Support: NerdApp targets businesses with expanded offering

I couldn’t do my job without…: Kieran Dalton, Cloud Sales Manager for NEC, on what he relies on to get his work done

HybridWorking: How to build a sustainable hybrid working model that works for your business and your people

Cybersecurity: Jeremy Handy identifies this year’s big cyber threats and explains how to counter them

Month in Numbers: The world of work in numbers

“Comment ”

I wonder where you are as you read this. Are you at your kitchen table between Zoom meetings or back in your office surrounded by fewer people (and more meeting spaces) than you remember there being before? Perhaps you are in a sound-proofed booth in a branch of Costa Coffee (see page 8) or pounding the treadmill at your local gym and taking advantage of discounted membership offered by your employer. In today’s hybrid working world, you could be anywhere.

This presents business managers with major questions around corporate identity, productivity, security, resilience and equity– i.e. fairness between those who have the freedom to work anywhere and those who are required to work in one place or, as Martin Day points out on page 16 in relation to meetings, equal visibility and access for all employees, regardless of whether they are joining via a corporate collaboration system or a mobile device. Guaranteeing this, he suggests, requires new rules and most probably some form of moderation or intervention.

On page 30 Simon O’Kane explains how work management platforms can help businesses address another potential difficulty with hybrid working – the amount of time people spend on status checks and meetings. He suggests that having one place where team members can find all they need will help reduce what he calls ‘work about work’, remove silos and create a common sense of purpose.

Hybrid working also raises issues around tech support, which NerdApp is addressing with on demand back-up for businesses and service providers (see page 24), and, of course, security. On page 32 Jeremy Hendy, CEO of digital risk specialist Skurio, highlights some of this year’s biggest threats and explains what small and medium-sized businesses can do to protect themselves.

The last 24 months have shown the extent to which businesses have been able to adapt and keep working no matter what obstacles have been placed in their way. The challenge now is to move from a reactive mindset to a proactive one and to develop and implement hybrid working and digital transformation strategies created specifically for the new world of work, whether you are a small local business or the NHS (see page 11).

James Goulding, Editor,

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08 Bulletin
Top tips for successful email prospecting

  1. 10  Workplace
    How to increase productivity through smart office design
  2. 11  Digital Transformation Dr Vijay Magon explains what the NHS must do to maximise the impact of IT investment
  1. 14  Security
    Why it pays to take voice fraud seriously
  2. 15  Audio
    IRIS Clarity promises clearer conversations


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