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Rapid ROI for Brightside

Brightside Group, a leading UK insurance broker with hundreds and thousands of car, home and business insurance customers across the UK, achieved an ROI of less than six months for its first RPA projects.

Working with Data Capture Solutions (DCS), a Neopost company, it identified three processes where RPA offers clear business benefits: the compilation of document packs containing insurance documents from third party portals; invoice reconciliation; and the posting of credits received from debt cases.

Transformation director David Holloway says that the use of RPA is part of the company’s strategy to become a fully digital broker and has already delivered measurable benefits.

“Robotics has reduced both cost and error rates and, by taking out the human variable, we have significantly improved our response time. Using robotics for non-value added activities will also make Brightside more scalable as an organisation,” he said.

Following the success of the first projects, Brightside and DCS have earmarked two further processes for automation – the management of debt write-offs and the automation of cancellations due to missed payments.

Holloway added: “Our underlying principle is to use robotics where the task is repeatable and the agent is adding little value, leaving humans to work on the more unusual or difficult scenarios where they can add value. Brightside is not going to be manned solely by robots any time soon, but we fully expect to report a better customer experience.”

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