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Rapesco: a brand reborn

Are British brands a dying breed? – If you ask stapling and punching manufacturer, Rapesco, a company that proudly describes itself as a “brand reborn”, the answer is a resounding ‘no’.

Rapesco Eco staplers

With nearly sixty years of history, operating in over a hundred countries around the world Rapesco has set its stall out as a fresh, innovative, global player, fit for the 21st century and beyond.

Founded in 1957, still in private ownership, and with millions of people across the world relying on Rapesco’s ever increasing product range, the company has embarked on a significant programme of change and expansion that takes in almost every aspect of its business.

Rapesco’s “We Speak Your Language” initiative increased brand presence and awareness in all markets by removing the language barrier that can occasionally prevent effective communication and hinder growth. Taking a focused approach across all functions within the business, this move saw Rapesco develop a team of multilingual account executives covering languages and territories around the world.

A similar approach with technology saw a significant investment in its website and content with both consumer and experienced trade sellers in mind. With a redesign and launch earlier this year with six language versions covering 22 individual markets, delivering bespoke and interactive content, concise high quality product information, and route-to-purchase options from a wide array of customers and stockists, Rapesco emphasised their commitment to the continuously developing market place and ever-changing customer buying habits. also utilises links for sharing and following on social media. Regular use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and a rapidly growing fan base on Instagram has seen Rapesco’s consumer reach touch unparalleled heights within their categories and channel, and has seen a halo effect with a strong presence amongst consumers’ own channels.

An increasing brand and product presence within the UK stockists has ensured the key part of the business is not only underpinned but thriving while the international expansion is underway.

Whether it be through verbal, written or digital communication, such initiatives mean that Rapesco delivers a strong, user-focused experience at every step of the customer journey, including in local market language, creating open, two-way conversations, fostering closer relationships with both end-users and customers.

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