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Q&A With Ashley Weller, UK Market Director, Lavazza Professional

Lavazza Professional, the business-to-business arm of the Lavazza Group and home to popular catering and vending brands such as KLIX and FLAVIA, is addressing the evolving needs of today’s businesses with the launch of a modular micro café offering premium Lavazza coffee, cold drinks, traditional vending snacks and fresh food, including wraps and sushi. With self-service and a choice of payment options, Moments by Lavazza Professional is designed to be an economical, hassle-free alternative to expensive canteens that can also act as a hub where staff can socialise, collaborate and exchange ideas. Business Info finds out more from Lavazza Professional UK Market Director Ashley Weller

Business Info (BI): Say Lavazza Professional and most people will think coffee machines, but probably not fresh food vending. Is Moments by Lavazza your first micro café?

Ashley Weller (AW): Lavazza Professional has a long, credible history in workplace vending. It’s home to the popular vending brand KLIX and to the Office Coffee Service (OCS) system FLAVIA, which uses patented Freshpack systems to brew ground coffee, tea and herbal infusions.

With the popularity of premium coffee-shop drinks, the micro café is
an exciting development that centres around the ultimate Lavazza coffee experience – serving premium espresso- based drinks like latte, cappuccino and flat white from bean-to-cup machines using Lavazza’s expertly roasted beans.

Partnering premium coffee with snacks and fresh food, Moments by Lavazza Professional is our first holistic alternative to canteens that aims to provide businesses with a one-stop-shop for bringing coffee culture into the workplace.

BI: What snacks and fresh food are available from Moments?

AW: As with most enjoyable coffee- shop experiences, premium coffee is the key element when it comes to retaining loyal consumers, complemented by a range of food options.

Our micro café follows this model with a blend of traditional vending snacks and fresh food fridges that enable staff to access a wide selection of refreshments on-site at any time of day. Consumers can enjoy favourite snacks and confectionary, as well as food from brands such as Yumie Sushi, Ginsters pasties, Urban Eat sandwiches and the new Leaf & Loaf Premium range of fresh food, from pastrami pretzel subs to Middle Eastern flatbreads. The food offering will continue to evolve.

BI: Why are you launching Moments now?

AW: Research shoes that 85% of employees feel quality coffee improves morale, making it an important element of the post-pandemic workplace as businesses look to attract and retain talent.

With today’s focus on employee wellbeing, it’s also important for businesses to provide an environment where staff can spend time getting to know colleagues and collaborating on ideas and projects or quietly prepping for a productive afternoon.

By bringing the best elements of coffee culture into the workplace, businesses of all sizes can delight employees returning to the office
and reap the rewards of increased productivity and staff engagement without having to invest in an expensive manned canteen.

BI: Have there been developments in vending technology that make the self-serve micro café concept a viable option for businesses?

AW: The latest AVA report predicts that hybrid working will cause a reduction in on-site fresh meal preparation and barista-served coffee, creating more room for micro-markets, smart fridges and premium self-serve coffee solutions as businesses look to entice staff back into the office with premium yet economically viable refreshments.

The AVA report also shows that well over 75% of cashless systems now support credit card and mobile payments. With concern over cash hygiene and the wide adoption of cashless spending, there is a clear need to tap into today’s quick, self-serve buying habits.

Products in the micro café can be paid for at unattended payment stations, at a central kiosk or by smartphone app. Smart fridges are also available featuring built-in payment systems that provide an extra layer of security. All these options help to reduce overhead costs and make day-to-day management more efficient than running a canteen.

BI: What type of organisation is Moments aimed at?

AW: Moments by Lavazza Professional is the perfect option for any business looking for a modular, 24/7 self- serve alternative to a canteen or for a vibrant hassle-free hub that fuels workplace productivity and drives staff engagement with Lavazza coffee at
its heart.

We know every moment counts when it comes to operating a business so our in-house team supports the micro café with a world-class fully managed service. From design through to operation services, it’s a true one- stop-shop.

BI: How do you expect Moments by Lavazza Professional to develop in the future?

AW: We will aim to harness new technologies, such as auto camera recognition, and to expand its offer by adapting to the latest market trends. We’re also keen to listen to and learn from customer feedback to ensure we consistently deliver a best-in-class experience.

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