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Protect your assets ….We test the Multplx ANCHOR and LAPTOP COMBI LOCK

Multplx Ltd is a company who specialises in retail security solutions – you will have come across many of their products in stores securing down laptops and phones amongst other items to prevent people running away with them!

They have now turned their eye to the business consumer market and are launching a lock and an anchor point aimed at business use – laptops are by nature portable devices and in many environments easily taken. The advent of thinner screens and designs have left this simple task of securing down your company asset not as simple as it used to be or should be.

Development of laptops over the last few years has meant ever smaller and lighter designs, traditional and long-standing Kensington lock slots have been left out of many designs. The ANCHOR lock adapter makes use of an existing headphone port which is found on all laptops.

The ANCHOR adapter fixes into the audio port on the laptop to complete a firm secure fixing point which you can add a security locking T-Bar cable to, the beauty of this particular adapter is that it’s compatible with existing standard Kensington or T Bar locks and cables, so it can work with current locks if you have them.

The Multplx combi locking T-Bar Cable is designed to fit to any laptop with an Anchor or an existing lock slot, once installed it’s easy to remove (if you know the combination!) for complete hassle-free portability, peace of mind and security. It’s perfect for any laptop in any situation which needs securing down in one place be it in the office, shop or even exhibition stand.

Multplx’s ANCHOR Adapter is a new design with the focus on simplicity with security.

Perfect for daily use to secure down you devices

  • Simple to install
  • Compatible with standard T-Bar, Kensington cable locks and Laptop Combi Lock
  • Works with Macbooks, iPads, and all Laptops with a standard audio port

To install simply put the ANCHOR into your laptop’s audio port and turn the screw using the tool provided. The patented locking mechanism will lock into place. It’s as simple as that.

As a perfect partner to the ANCHOR adapter you may also want to consider a new cable lock, Multplx offer a range of different securing options but the one we tried was the LAPTOP COMBI LOCK which provides a 1.7m worth of steel cable and 4-digit combination lock which attaches easily to any existing anchor point but is designed to work with the ANCHOR.


  • Premium laptop lock made of steel for maximum protection
  • Locking switch and rotating lock head for easy installation and removal
  • Keyless security with a 4-digit combination lock
  • Strong 1.7m steel cable with protective coating
  • Perfect for laptops, desktops, projectors & monitors.

With this system you do not lose portability and implement a secure deterrent for any would be thieves on your lunch break!

We set up one of the office laptops, setting up both ANCHOR and LAPTOP COMBI LOCK proved fast and simple to do taking only a few minutes from opening the box. The products are both well manufactured with good quality build – the cable could only be cut with a decent pair of steel cutters.

It definitely provides a good deterrent to any would be opportunistic thieves!

With these products you do not lose portability. When it came to leave the office, the lock was detached from the ANCHOR in seconds. The fact that the anchor enables the use of the audio port for securing your device is great and the device felt secured enough to prevent theft, if someone tried, you would certainly notice them doing it!!

We are impressed enough with this product we will use them for our trade shows to secure our iPads to the stand.

Together these two products provide you with a cost-effective secure solution – definitely worth the investment to protect your valuable devices.

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