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Presentation technology issues hinder business success

The majority of employees believe there is wider business impact of presenting well but 86% still experience problems with technology when delivering a presentation, research by global technology company Barco reveals.


The survey of office workers across the UK shows that four in ten professionals present in meetings several times a week and 86% of them use technology to deliver presentations, making it central to successful business outcomes.

When it comes to what makes a presentation successful, office workers believe that a presentation that has no technology issues (38%) is key to success – almost as important as having all aims of the presentation achieved (62%). Over half (53%) think that having the right technology is equally as important, or even more important, than having the right presenter.

Laptops and plug-in cables were the most used technology for presenting (68%), followed by projectors (49%) and wireless screen share devices (38%).

Around half of respondents (49%) said that not having a backup plan for something going wrong is a key mistake to avoid when making a presentation, while over half (51%) agreed that their organisation’s technology sometimes fails.

Nick Fitzherbert, a presentation skills coach, commented, “The good news is that workplace technology is improving and employees both want and expect better equipment. I believe the next few years will see a dramatic decrease in the 86 percent of workers who experience technical problems while presenting. Wireless connection will undoubtedly play a big part in that, making for smoother, more impactful presentations, mainly because presenters can focus on their performance rather than technology-related issues.”

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