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Premium curved monitor

Samsung CF791
Editor’s Choice: Technology Reseller

What we liked:
• immersive viewing experience
• rich colour
• sharp images
• easy multi-tasking
• sleek design

The Samsung CF791 is an impressive 34-inch Quantum Dot curved monitor that provides a realistic, immersive and comfortable viewing experience.

Released towards the end of 2016 and debuted at CES 2017, the monitor combines function and style with enhanced features ideal for gamers and professionals alike.

Work and play
With a curvature of 1500R, the monitor creates a more immersive viewing experience that is particularly appealing for gamers, as it envelops their feld of vision and makes them feel part of the game.

While gamers are an obvious target, the CF791 works just as well in an office environment. David Jackson, Product Manager – LCD Monitors at Samsung, said: “This year we have clearly seen increased business demand for larger, higher resolution screens, and we’ve had strong B2B wins in many business sectors, from the banking sector to insurance businesses, to a Formula 1 team.”

As well as securing a number of volume deals, Samsung has been successful with smaller deployments in companies that see larger, high resolution monitors as a way to increase effciency and improve employee retention by providing stylish technology that staff enjoy using.

Jackson says that, overall, the company has had a fantastic response from the business sector, not just to the CF791, but also to the 34-inch ultrawide USB-C monitor LC34H890, the new 49-inch super-ultra-wide curved monitor LC49HG90 and other WQHD and UHD monitors.

Business benefits
The Ultra WQHD display of the CF791 enables a screen resolution of 3440 x 1440 – 2.5 times the pixel density of Full HD – for razor-sharp images. The combination of this pixel density and the ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio provides professionals with a wider workspace that enables them to multi-task with different programmes open at once. Not having to toggle between different windows aids concentration and helps users to be more productive.

Picture-by-Picture (PBP) technology lets users load content from any connected HDMI or DP input source and position it anywhere on the screen, while the Picturein-Picture (PIP) feature enables them to shrink and place content anywhere on the screen without losing resolution or visual quality.

Images are not just razor-sharp, but also rich and vibrant. Thanks to Quantum Dot technology, the CF791 delivers more colours than conventional monitors, supporting up to 125% sRGB colour space. This results in colours that are brighter crisper and more natural. The monitor’s VA panel minimises light leakage, and with a 3000:1 contrast ratio, blacks are deeper.

Sophisticated style
The clean, sleek design is also conducive to concentration: the three-sided boundless design removes visual distractions, while the built-in 7-watt speakers mean there’s no need to clutter the desktop with auxiliary speakers or cables.

A hatch on the glossy white rear casing contributes to a neat and tidy workstation by providing a place to store cables out of view.

Two HDMI, a DP, headphone jack and two USB ports provide multiple connections to PCs, games consoles, additional monitors and other devices.

Comfortable viewing
Designed for viewing comfort and to reduce eye strain, the CF791’s deep 1500R curvature is engineered to follow the natural curvature of the eyes more closely than competitor products. Studies have shown that a deep curve puts less strain on the eyes than a ?at or only slightly curvedscreen.

Blur reduction technology activates backlights when images appear, while integrated line scanning technology divides the backlight into four channels and sequentially organises its positioning to match featured on-screen content. This synchronisation minimises visible blur and maintains users’ focus on a continuous, distortion-free picture.

Monitor alignment can be customised to each user’s ergonomic needs through the tiltable and height adjustable stand. Samsung Flicker Free technology and Eye Saver Mode, which reduces fatigueinducing blue light emissions, add to a comfortable viewing experience.

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