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Precise locating: New from  the Pulse+ keyfob-style personal safety device…..

….combines proven technology from the company’s Ultra ID device with new features to ensure those in need are helped as quickly as possible after activating an alarm. For example, the latest 4G technology enables Pulse+ to make alarm calls and send a user’s location in parallel, rather than in sequence as with traditional lone worker devices, while built-in WiFi locating technology ensures more accurate positioning of lone workers within buildings.

Chris Allcard, Lone Worker Services Director at Reliance Protect, said: “While GPS is a great location finding technology when used outdoors, its capabilities are significantly restricted when a device is used indoors. At best it will give an inaccurate location position and in many cases will not provide a location position at all.

At this point, older technology lone worker devices have to rely on sending a previous last known location. Pulse+ utilises both GPS and WiFi locating technologies to quickly generate accurate location positions regardless of whether the user is indoors or outdoors.”