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Portable power

As we are increasingly reliant on our smartphones for both social and professional purposes, keeping them charged is crucial.

Credit card sized range of power banks

The Dubleup power bank, a truly portable charging solution, is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and the company kindly sent us one to try.

When I’m attending press conferences and exhibitions I always carry a power bank with me in case my smartphone runs out of juice and I’m unable to contact anyone (or check social media on the train). Dubleup is the same size as a credit card so slots easily into my purse, ideal for charging on the go.

My previous power bank required a separate cable to charge devices, which I would have to wrap around the battery. This was untidy and bulky, and even then the cable often ended up in a tangle at the bottom of my bag.

The Dubleup is much neater, thanks to its built-in Lightning connector for iPhones or MicroUSB for Android devices. It is stylish, too, offered in a choice of black, gold and silver.

Slim enough to pop into your wallet

The ultra-slim power bank has a capacity of 1280mAH – not enough for multiple charges, but fine for an emergency battery boost. Three LEDs on the power bank show you how much power remains in the device.

Early Bird Offer

The first 6,000 backers will be able to get their Dubleup for just $50 USD (Around £39.94).Thereafter, the price is $59 USD (£47.13).

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