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Plastic-free business card packaging

Antalis is supplying Commercial Foundation with specially designed cardboard business card boxes to help the social enterprise achieve its target of zero plastic.

Commercial Foundation was established in 2015 to give disadvantaged young people the chance to gain useful work skills through initiatives like WE DO.Print, which produces a range of digital and wide format print and promotional merchandise.

This includes business cards, which used to be packed in standard 70mm-high plastic boxes and inserted into a bubble-lined mailing bag for posting.

As part of its drive to eliminate plastic, Commercial Foundation is now using an 0427 pizza-style box designed by Antalis Smart Packaging Centre. Made entirely from recyclable FSC-certified board, the box has four compartments inside and space on the outside for the customer’s address and a message from Commercial Foundation.

Although the box itself is slightly more expensive than the plastic one it replaces, it is cheaper overall because it does not require any secondary packaging materials.

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