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Cutting-edge phone system seamlessly integrates with my.plan platform, providing market-leading insights, analytics and controls for customers

Leading technology and platform provider today announces the launch of a new market-leading Hosted Voice solution, enabling customers to connect, configure, and control their phone system in one place, and in real time. The new offering combines a feature-rich digital phone system with the real-time insights, data analytics and streamlined navigation of the my.plan platform.

Hosted Voice represents a significant evolution of’s existing B2B connectivity solutions, built from the ground up based on feedback and input from both partners and customers. The result is a revolutionary offering, integrated seamlessly within the my.plan platform and sitting alongside its market-leading mobile solutions to provide businesses with the flexibility to allow employees to work from anywhere and remain connected.

The new Hosted Voice solution offers state-of-the-art own brand hardware, plus a unique range of never-before-seen functionality and embedded customisation through a wide selection of features, controls and live alerts, enabling customers to build a solution that meet their business needs, including:

Cutting-edge Visual Call Flow: Giving businesses the power to control how calls are routed and answered, with drag and drop simplicity that makes Call Flows easy to see, understand and manage.

Live call interaction: Custom-built technology enabling live access to calls via my.plan as well as additional live call options such as whisper, barge, listen and terminate.

Complete System Diagnostics and reporting: Alongside the detailed call usage and charges insight available in my.plan, Hosted Voice customers can unlock full data diagnostics to instantly troubleshoot every aspect of the platform.

Custom-built Soft Phone: Bringing all the functionality of a desk phone to a mobile device, with an easy to use interface and push notification system to ensure an unparalleled success rate on call delivery over standard Softphones.

Advanced call and time of day routing: Drag and drop technology to automatically manage calls depending on time and day of the week for complete flexibility from morning to night.

Voicemail management: Set up, manage and access mailboxes with options for per-extension voicemail and group mailboxes for complete control.

The new offering also integrates seamlessly with the my.plan platform giving customers the ability to:

  • Access live usage, charges, interactive invoicing and monthly insights into the connectivity across an entire business, from desktop to mobile, one worker to 1,000.
  • Control charges and manage calls by enabling or restricting specific usage such as international calls and premium rate numbers and enablility limits to certain extensions or call types.
  • Enabling live location services to support remote workers to ensure they are easy to navigate to within my.plan, and to help Emergency Services in the event of a 999 call.

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Dan Craddock, CEO and co-founder, commented:

“With the launch of the my.plan platform last year, brought to the market never-before-seen controls, insights, and functionality for businesses to seamlessly manage their telecommunications in one place. With access to capabilities beyond that of a national telecoms network, customers and partners have responded with an overwhelming desire for more integration and extension of my.plan’s capabilities to their wider business telecoms system. This is exactly what we’re delivering with our new Hosted Voice solution, a natural evolution to our already market-leading offering.

 “We’ve created an entirely new product which puts the customer front and centre in the design and delivery of their business communications solution. As the convergence of mobile and office-based telecommunications continues apace, customers will now have maximum flexibility to manage their entire business communications needs through instant access to insight and tools that are simply unmatched in the marketplace.

 “Not only does Hosted Voice offer all the functionality enjoyed by mobile customers, but we’ve also launched a wide range of new features, products and tariffs to ensure that customers have the ultimately level of choice and flexibility when designing the business telecoms solution that is right for their individual needs.”


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