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Peleman Industries installs largest battery in Belgium

Peleman Industries and its partners have officially inaugurated an industrial battery at the company’s premises in Puurs, Belgium. The battery, the largest of its kind in the country, stores energy generated by the nearby wind turbines, with its total capacity reaching the daily electricity consumption of 200 households. The installation of the battery marks yet another milestone in Peleman Industries’ long history of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

The battery’s capacity is equivalent to the daily electricity needs of 200 households

The project, the result of the joined efforts of Peleman Industries, Eneco, Alfen and Next Kraftwerke, was officially inaugurated by Bart Tommelein, minister of finance, budget and energy, Flanders, Belgium; Koen van den Hevvel, major, Puurs municipality, and Esmeralda Peleman, CEO, Peleman Industries N.V, in the presence of dignitaries, partners and representatives of the media.

The installation of the 12m long, 2.4m wide and 3m high battery, represents a significant step towards Peleman Industries’ goal to achieve and even exceed the CO2 emission reduction targets set by the European Union, by 2020, 10 years prior to the official target date, explained Esmeralda Peleman.

“By harvesting green power and utilising the battery, we aim to reduce the company’s consumption from the electricity grid by at least 10 percent,” corroborated Peleman, adding that the inauguration comes less than two years after the official start of the project and makes Peleman Industries the first company in the country to have such a battery at its premises.

Commenting on the launch of the battery, which charges itself when production is higher than consumption to help counterbalance electricity shortages, Tommelein noted, “Batteries are crucial in optimising green power and renewable energy production. In an event of overproduction, these batteries can store power for their own use, thereby ensuring seamless operations even when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. This innovative solution guarantees the stability of our power network.”

The project comes in line with Peleman Industries’ series of CSR efforts as the battery not only increases the company’s use of green energy, but also contributes to the wider community’s sustainable living capabilities by providing renewable energy to the electricity grid, and thus minimising the risk of leaving people without power.

“The two wind turbines at the company’s premises have been operational for over seven years and by harvesting their power, Peleman Industries have already managed to secure 75 percent of its energy consumption from renewable sources,” pointed out Daniel Van den Brande, project supervisor, Peleman Industries. “With the installation of the battery, we aim to achieve a further surge of 10 percent in this regard.”

The battery, which does not emit CO2, has a capacity of 2MW / 2MWh, equivalent to the daily electricity consumption of 200 households.

Reaffirming Peleman Industries’ steadfast commitment to ecological and sustainable development, Esmeralda Peleman concluded, “Continuously pursuing ways to reduce our ecological footprint is strongly rooted in our company values and is manifested in every aspect of our operations, not only internally put also towards our partners and the wider community.”

Having sold more than 1 million machines and 1 billion covers over the past decades, Peleman Industries has established itself as a global market leader in the fields of printed presentation and photo solutions as well as lay-flat paper technology. Its steadfast commitment to continuous investment in research and development as well as sustainable practices, reaffirms Peleman Industries positions as a trailblazer in innovation and industry standards.

Watch the installation of the battery here:

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