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Past, present and future

Collins Debden aims to broaden its customer base with a new range of on-trend notebooks and diaries

Exciting new designs in addition to Collins core products
Exciting new designs in addition to Collins core products

In anticipation of its 200th anniversary next year, diary-maker Collins Debden has revamped its brand identity and refreshed its product line-up with new diary designs and an expanded range of notebooks.

The brand revamp is more of a tweak than a wholesale overhaul. Maintaining continuity with its heritage, Collins has kept the distinctive ‘fountain’ colophon originally designed by Eric Gill, modifying it slightly to suit today’s digital communications and screen-based devices.

Brand specialist The Partners Agency has fine-tuned the fountain pedestal to accentuate the outlines of the two faces within the design and tidied up the spray above, broadening the line width and introducing a pattern based on a Celtic knot in reference to Collins’ Scottish heritage – Collins was founded in Glasgow in 1819.

The company history is also reflected in the colour scheme for the new brand identity – gold lettering on a ‘Scottish flag blue’ with a background pattern of a repeated Celtic knot motif.

In refreshing its product line, Collins has walked a similar line between tradition and modernity. Thus, while many of the new designs, materials and diary/notebook features reflect modern tastes and are the product of the latest
printing and manufacturing techniques, Collins has not attempted to combine paper-based and digital note-taking as some of its competitors have.

Sales manager Gordon McEwen told Business Info that people who buy diaries and notebooks do so because they like using paper and he doesn’t see the need to add a digital dimension through patterned paper and intelligent pens that can convert handwritten notes into digital text.

What’s New
What is new is the introduction of some exciting new designs that Collins will be offering in addition to its core products to attract younger and more fashion conscious customers.

All the new designs will be available as notebooks and/or 2019 diaries and will be available for a limited period only. Once the stock has been sold, Collins will bring out brand new designs to remain on-trend.

New designs include:


Vanguard – featuring a navy background with a choice of three striking copper foil patterns and an expandable pocket;

Brilliance – tapping into current trends, this diary has soft-touch metallic covers in bold, on-trend colours, gold edging, an expandable inner pocket and monthly expense planner;

Savile Row – another reference to Collins’ heritage, this diary has Harris Tweed covers with leather panels and a name card window/slots and credit card holder inside;

Savanna – an attempt to update the traditional diary with a more modern, female-oriented feel, featuring textured covers with an organic feather-based pattern in maroon or grey;

Attune – bright colours and a faceted, three-dimensional cover designed to appeal to younger consumers;

Dazzle – another tactile design, featuring an embossed cover in pink or copper;

Framework – this has a clear, ziplock pouch on the cover that can be used for storing receipts, business cards etc. or for personalisation with a favourite photo. Practical for travelling or an inner-city lifestyle;

Sydney & London (Metropolitan) – high end, masculine notebooks with an upcycled bonded leather cover available with a choice of finishes, tactile (Sydney) or smooth (London);

Melbourne (Metropolitan) – a modern version of the Metropolitan notebook with an interchangeable PU sleeve cover in a choice of three on-trend bright colours (black, red and yellow) and clear pockets for storing small items such as tickets or business cards;

Glasgow (Metropolitan) – made out of PU, but with a luxury leather feel, this is available in grey, navy or turquoise, with an expandable back pocket and elastic band closure;

Singapore (Metropolitan) – this B5 notebook is larger than other Metropolitan notebooks (B6), but also slimmer, with 80 pages rather than 192. Ideal for creatives who like to carry around a notebook where they can jot down ideas. Available in mink, yellow or navy;

Tokyo – available in a pack of three, with one each of three page designs – lined, squared and with bullets – to suit different applications.