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Paperless management of stock

Sandvik is encouraging machine shops to stop using pen and paper for tooling inventory management and to start using its paperless CRIBWISE software as-a-service platform instead. The subscription-based cloud inventory management service enables all sizes of machine shop to streamline tool, spare part and equipment purchasing and reduce costs and storage space through better stock management.

Head of CRIBWISE Joakim Johansson said: “Tooling costs can easily run into tens of thousands of pounds, and much of this can be attributed to outdated and unconsolidated tooling inventories that take up space and cause frustration. With a standardised and consolidated tooling inventory system like CRIBWISE, machine shops can streamline purchasing, reduce costs and improve stock management.

In fact, our ‘early bird’ customers have reduced tooling and equipment inventory costs by as much as 20%. An effective tool management system will also generate data that owners and managers can use to make more informed strategic decisions about workforce productivity, machine optimisation, expenditure and inventory size.”

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