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Paper-free progress continues

The paper-free movement is still going strong according to new research by AIIM, with around two-thirds of business executives revealing that the demand for paperless processes is on the rise.


The report, Paper-Free in 2016, Are we there yet?, was launched today as part of the run up to World Paper Free Day (4 November 2016), an annual day when organisations from all over the world come together to think about and reduce the amount of paper we use every day.

There are strong signs of reduction in certain business functions, according to the research. Paper use in Human Resources (HR) is particularly decreasing in the areas of recruitment (49%) and employee lifecycle (48%).

The human factor is still the primary reason given for paper use when handling, reading, and note taking (47%), along with a lack of management initiatives to move away from paper (47%). Respondents also cite a lack of understanding and awareness when it comes to paper-free options (39%), while almost two-thirds (65%) say they are still signing on paper.

Bob Larrivee, chief analyst, AIIM, commented: “People instinctively like paper and for many it still feels natural in many case to print out a document to read, sign, edit or share.

“But things are gradually changing as people become more comfortable using technology for such tasks and realise that e-signatures are just as valid as physical ones. Enterprises are also seeing the benefit of digitising content, in terms of customer service, collaboration and overall productivity, which will only help the move to paper-free.”

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