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Over half of online sales now made through mobile devices

The percentage of UK online retail sales made through mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) has exceeded 50% for the first time in Q4 2015/16 according to the latest results from the IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking.

Tina Spooner, chief information officer, IMRG
Tina Spooner, chief information officer, IMRG

A major digital tipping point has been reached as smartphones and tablets accounted for 51% of UK online retail sales in Q4, up from 45% in Q3 and the 40% recorded in Q4 last year.

Between the types of channel used, desktop/laptop accounted for 49% of total UK online sales for Q4, tablets accounted for a third (33%) and smartphones 18%.

The growth in mobile penetration appears to be driven by increased confidence in using smartphones for online shopping.

Tina Spooner, chief information officer, IMRG, said: “In 2014 the rate of growth via smartphones appeared to be slowing down, but in 2015 it shot up again. The main reason for this is likely to be related to the design trend for larger screens, but many mobile retail sites have improved significantly to give a far better experience and inspire confidence in shoppers. There is also the fact that we increasingly use our smartphones for managing so much of our lives – it’s only logical that completing purchases on retail sites would gravitate over to these devices as well.”

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