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Opportuni acquires Bidstats

Opportuni continues campaign for transparency in public sector procurement with acquisition of leading source of contract data 

Opportuni, the end-to-end solution for bidding for government contracts, has been making waves in the world of procurement with its calls to end corruption in the awarding of Government contracts and to give SMEs fairer access to public sector business. 

The company’s campaign for transparency and accountability in public procurement is likely to be boosted by its acquisition of the procurement website Bidstats, which each year helps over two million people search for UK government contract data. 

With nine years’ worth of data in its archive, Bidstats has the largest and most comprehensive record of contract award data in the UK, which Opportuni plans to make available to its subscribers, as well as Think Tanks, investigative journalists, educational bodies and its own campaigners. 

Tim Ward, CEO of Opportuni, said: “The acquisition of Bidstats is a vital part of our mission to level the public procurement playing field and help even more small and medium- sized businesses to identify and win government contracts. 

“Our global mission is to redirect over £225 billion worth of government contracts to great local businesses. These are the ones who should be fixing the school roof, laying the roads, cleaning our hospitals, providing IT support to the NHS and so much more.” 

Ward added: “This acquisition provides us with the UK’s most comprehensive database of contract award data, allowing us to deep dive and call out both historic and future 

instances of corruption. Transparency of the procurement process and accountability is in the public interest and will further the agenda of supporting great local businesses to win local contracts whilst reinvigorating local economies.” 

Opportuni helps this process by matching SMEs with government tenders and providing them with the tools they need to compete and bid against much larger firms. This includes an online marketplace where SMEs can hire the services of leading bid writers. 

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