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On Test: cardboard standing desk

The latest addition to the Business Info editorial offices, the aiBox Standing Desk is available in two sizes. We tested the smaller of the two, for people shorter than 165cm. The company says its products can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. It took us longer, but still only 15 minutes – not bad for a first try and no doubt we would have been quicker if we had had enough floor space to lay out all the pieces before assembly. When the desk was almost complete, one of the first pieces to be attached came off, which meant we had to take it apart and start again.

Cardboard desk
Cardboard desk

Once built, the aiBox Standing Desk looks like what it is – a cardboard construction – though the company does say it can be customised with paint, pen, chalks or wraps. It’s very big and takes up a fair bit of room. Perhaps if it were half the size it would be better suited to our small office.

A company with spare space could keep a few of these in a store cupboard to give to people who required a standing desk on a temporary basis while waiting for a more professional looking solution to be delivered. It might also work for those who want to make a green/environmental statement through their furniture choices.

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