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Office of the future

Paperworld 2018, taking place on January 27-30 in Frankfurt am Main, will see around 1,500 exhibitors from 60 countries present the latest in stationery and office products

Paperworld 2018 show
Paperworld 2018 show

Paperworld may not be the force it was, but it is still an important showcase for trends in office equipment; organisation and presentation aids; paper; writing and drawing utensils; desktop IT; and printer accessories, including remanufactured cartridges.

The exhibition is spread over a number of Halls, including Hall 3.0, dedicated to office supplies from the likes of Durable, Exacompta-Clarefontaine, HSM, Ideal and Pukka Pads; Hall 4.0, featuring writing instruments and stationery for schools; and Hall 6.0, which will host Remanexpo, where OEM suppliers and remanufacturers are showcasing innovations in sustainable printing and recycling.

The theme of sustainability extends to the final day of the show. Dubbed ‘Sustainable Office Day’, January 30 features a programme of presentations and discussions on the environmentally friendly office and eco-friendly procurement.

Other highlights of Paperworld 2018 include the ‘Future Office’ in Hall 3.0. This show-within-a-show puts the spotlight on health, describing through presentations and case studies what a healthy office should – and should not – look like. A selection of brand-name manufacturers, including Legamaster, Casio Europe and tesa, will present their products for the acoustics, lighting, ventilation, hygiene, ergonomics, sustainability, furnishing and office supplies sectors.

Explaining the rationale for this year’s theme, Paperworld director Michael Reichhold said: “The German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has established that employees take around 15 days a year off sick – and this figure is increasing annually. It is an area where companies need to act. We will be emphasising this important topic in the ‘Future Office’ special show and presenting some suggestions for solutions.”

The Paperworld Trend Show in the foyer of Halls 5.1 and 6.1 has once again been put together by design studio bora.herke.palmisano. Drawing on developments in fashion, architecture, furniture and product design, it highlights key trends for 2018/19 and explores how people will work in the future.

This year, the designers have identified an office trend called ‘work + challenge’ and two stationery trends dubbed ‘minimal + excellence’ and ‘spirit + ambition’. The Paperworld Trend Show provides examples of colours, designs and materials for each trend and showcases on-trend products from Paperworld exhibitors.

The work + challenge trend recognises that when staff are comfortable and have the products they need they are more productive, and that to retain staff companies must create a harmonious working environment through a combination of technology, cooperative working comfortable furniture.

Based on the trend’s key themes of flexibility, mobility, multifunctionality and convenience, the modern office has a relaxed atmosphere, with natural colours and materials that enhance employees’ sense of well-being, and spaces that can adapt to diverse usage requirements.

In an age of digitalisation, the minimal + excellence trend returns to the sensory experience of classic materials and high quality craftsmanship. Think hand-bound notebooks and premium writing instruments. Key colours include dark blue, moss green and gold for a modern, elegant style.

The spirit + ambition trend is inspired by the latest workwear, streetwear, technological innovations and artworks by young artists and performers. With a bold, contrasting colour palette of blue, red, yellow, green, black and white, this trend supports individuality, creativity and artistic expression.

Bora.herke.palmisano designer Claudia Herke said: “Flexible working hours and mobile work spaces are blurring the lines between work and free time. But that does not mean that the office has lost its purpose as a place for people to meet and a place where they can concentrate. A lot of new concepts address these demands in imaginative and creative ways. At the same time, the value placed on materials, workmanship and artistic expression is also increasing.

“The Paperworld Trend Show for 2018/19 picks up on these forward-looking tendencies and spotlights new products that reflect the visionary office and stationery trends.”

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