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Office Design: Power To Your People

With the debate about the pros and cons of hybrid working still raging, 69% of companies say they have no plans to reduce office space, according to a survey of 100 global customers by workplace and facility management company ISS.

At the same time, 62% of all businesses, including down-sizers, are repurposing their offices to take account of changes in workplace priorities that have seen employee engagement become the number one imperative for global businesses, with sustainability and talent attraction also gaining in importance (see table).

The 31% of businesses that plan to reduce their office space are investing most in upgrading their workplaces to support employee engagement, collaboration and innovation and to make their offices an attractive destination for employees and new recruits.

Jacob Aarup-Andersen, Group CEO at ISS World Services A/S, said: “Power in global labour markets has shifted to employees after many decades in which it favoured employers. Right now, we are seeing a lot of companies redefining their offices to accommodate hybrid working patterns and personal preferences, focusing both on the physical place that people work in and the experience that people get when they come to the office.”

He added: “There is no ‘one size fits all’ model when it comes to planning the workplace of tomorrow because the workplace must match each individual company and its employees. One thing is for sure, though: predictions of the death of the office have been greatly exaggerated. Instead, we are witnessing workplaces being repurposed on a global scale.”

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