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New sit-stand solution from Fellowes

Fellowes has launched its next generation Sit-Stand Workstation, the LOTUS, as a direct response to the need to improve employee wellbeing and productivity in the office.

The LOTUS has 22-different height settings

Independent research commissioned by Fellowes, in collaboration with Loudhouse, revealed that 1 in 3 European workers are suffering daily from ailments caused by working at a computers, and 60% claim their productivity and performance have either been significantly or moderately affected as a result. A massive 94% admit to sitting at their desks for long periods of time without moving around.

The new LOTUS arrives fully assembled with no mounting required; has a large and stable work-surface with 22 different height settings and includes cable management so the workstation can move freely with the user.

The Fellowes Sit-Stand Workstations help combat health issues in the workplace, by avoiding static sitting and encouraging staff to keep moving, alternating between sitting and standing – without interrupting productivity.

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