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New EV charging app

Danish tech startup Monta has brought its EV charging app to the UK to help address the national shortage of charge points. 

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders estimates that in order to reach the Committee on Climate Change’s target of 1,170 charge points per 100km of road by 2030 (up from 570 per 100km in 2019), more than 700 EV charge points per day will need to be installed in the next 9 years, far more than the current rate of 42 per day. 

Monta aims to accelerate this roll-out through an app that enables EV owners to find a charge point near them and charge point owners to make money by sharing their charge point with fellow EV drivers. The platform gives companies and organisations with charge points a fully fledged solution to attract users and seamlessly manage charge point usage, pricing, access and transactions. 

Monta CEO Casper Rasmussen said: “The UK is ready to go electric, but it simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to support itself. Our mission is to change that.” 

Originally developed as a peer-to-peer app, Monta has since been extended to connect business owners, site managers and private homeowners with charging point installers in a community committed to expanding the UK’s network of charging points. 

“We quickly realised that solving the problem in the long-term takes collaborative help from private businesses, EV owners and charge point manufacturers. Our app simply brings them all together in one community so that we can tackle this issue head-on,” said Rasmussen. 

Since its launch in February, Monta has attracted more than 6,000 active users, a figure it aims to increase to 400,000 users by 2022.

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