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New collaboration range sparks innovation

The Post-it Brand from 3M has launched a new range of Collaboration products, offering solutions for a variety of meeting spaces – from the office, to on the move.

New Post-it Collaboration range from 3M

Ideal for open office environments and workspaces, design thinking and collaboration the new range allows users to optimise their space and get the very best out of the workforce – so whether it’s idea generation, or presenting something that would otherwise be a little less than engaging there’s a new product for you.

Studies show that the ability to harness the power of efficient collaboration is critical to the success of modern business. Collaborative companies grow faster (27 per cent), and are more profitable (29 per cent), productive (36 per cent) and innovative (30 per cent)*. And with a highly collaborative millennial generation entering the workforce, teamwork has never been higher on the agenda.

The new Post-it Collaboration range from 3M includes:
•  Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Film and Sheets from 3M – available in a range of sheet sizes and on the roll, this film will transform walls, tables, cupboards and surfaces into an instant whiteboard surface to capture ideas and conversations. Much more portable and flexible than a traditional white board, you can transform any space to suit your needs. And when you are done, you can wipe them clean, start again, move or leave them in place – it’s up to you.
•  Post-it Meeting Charts from 3M– no room for an easel chart in the office? This Meeting Chart sticks securely to any wall, so you can move it from meeting to meeting to capture your brilliant ideas
•  Post-it Easel Pad Table Top (with Dry Erase) from 3M – no walls in your meeting space? No problem! Whether it’s a chart paper or dry erase, these Table Top pads have you covered
•  Post-it Super Sticky Meeting Notes from 3M – big notes for big ideas – if you need more space for thinking, these are the notes for you! And they’ll add a touch of colour to your workspace thinking too
•  Post-it Super Sticky Big Notes from 3M – these big notes are ideal for capturing and creating big ideas. At 22x22in you can write straight on to the note, or use it to collect smaller Post-it ideas into groups or categories

Simon Williams, Shopper Marketer at 3M says: “We’ve all been in uninspiring workspaces or meetings and struggled to think of the next big or even new ideas. And that’s exactly why we wanted to introduce this new range of extremely functional products, which not only add an element of fun to workspaces – with the ability to write on surfaces you would never have dreamed of writing on before, but are really practical too. If you are based in an office, or out on the road, work alone or in a large organisation, the new Collaboration products from 3M will enhance teamwork and turn meetings into productive, successful work sessions.”

The full Collaboration range from 3M is available now from: The Post-it Collaboration range is available from,, and all other good Stationers.

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