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New Camwood Service Helps Businesses Avoid Significant Ramifications of the End of Windows 10

The Windows 11 Readiness service empowers IT teams to take control of migration to the new operating system

Camwood, a leading IT consultancy specialising in digital evolution, has announced a Windows 11 Readiness service to support businesses following the revelation that Microsoft will no longer support Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions from October 2025.

The end of life for Windows 10 could have serious ramifications for organisations and individuals currently reliant on the operating system, as well as those still using the outdated Windows 7, potentially signalling the end of life for their end-user devices, applications, and in-house developments. The latest launch also sees businesses face stricter hardware requirements and a change to how applications will integrate into the base operating system.

As Microsoft proactively encourages organisations to migrate to Windows 11 as soon as possible, Camwood’s Windows 11 Readiness service has been designed to help businesses gauge the time, resources, and budget required to do so successfully.

With as much as 20-30% of apps likely to not work straightaway following the update to Windows 11, organisations must be able to identify incompatible apps before making the switch. Failure to do so could result in end-users experiencing system downtime or performance issues that could ultimately damage business operations.

As a specialist in the field, Camwood is uniquely positioned to help organisations overcome the potential challenges of a move to Windows 11, with its Windows 11 Readiness service empowering customers to digitally evolve their enterprise and keep their platforms current.

The Windows 11 Readiness service from Camwood offers organisations a range of checks and benefits to ensure that both business operations and employee experience is maintained throughout Windows 11 adoption. This includes hardware requirement checks across the entire physical device estate, identification of which devices to keep, upgrade or refresh, measures to ensure that business-critical applications are not impacted by the adoption of Windows 11, identification of user, device, departmental and geographical readiness, and the creation of a pilot group of candidates based on readiness scores and application usage.

Andrew Carr, managing director, Camwood, said, “As Microsoft Windows 10 end of life approaches, it is critical for organisations to act now to ensure their applications, devices, and management processes are in line with industry best practices. We understand just how much work and preparation needs to go into such a migration, so have designed our Windows 11 Readiness service to help businesses through the process and ensure that they can migrate successfully and securely. While 2025 may still seem some way off, organisations must begin the groundwork now as any delay in planning for Windows 11 will have a significant knock-on effect across their IT landscape – from security to productivity. It is time to treat applications as a business asset and not an afterthought during this process”

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About Camwood

With 20 years’ experience in enterprise IT and managed services, Camwood is a leading IT consultancy that provides digital acceleration through the lens of applications. A company that has innovation, automation and deep technological expertise at its heart, Camwood to help customers to digitally evolve their application and end user environments.

Camwood boasts an in-depth capability in applications, modern workplace and managed services that rivals cannot match, using this expertise to create tailored solutions to help customers overcome their challenges. Numerous software solutions have been created through Camwood’s technology incubation team, with many now stand-alone businesses, including Rimo3, NexBotix and Infinity. Camwood’s first automated product, App-DNA, was sold to Citrix systems back in 2011.

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