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Signify is working with more than 30 customers to pilot LiFi-enabled luminaires that combine energy efficient LED lighting with two-way, 30Mbps wireless communication using light waves rather than radio signals.

Each luminaire has a built-in modem that modulates the light at speeds imperceptible to the human eye. The light is detected by a LiFi USB access key plugged into a laptop or tablet, which returns data to the luminaire through an infrared link.

LiFi is attracting interest as an alternative or complementary technology to WiFi for network and internet access where radio frequencies may interfere with equipment, such as in hospitals; where WiFi signals can’t reach (e.g. underground); or where security is a priority, for example in the back office of a financial institution or government service – LiFi adds an extra layer of security as light cannot pass through solid walls and line-of-sight with the luminaire is needed.

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