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Neopost launches Packcity

Neopost, supplier of communications solutions, has launched Packcity, an intelligent, automated parcel locker solution. The system, which simplifies parcel delivery, collection, storage and management, is available to organisations across the UK.

Lockers can only be opened using one-time, unique pin codes

Designed for organisations receiving more than 50 deliveries per week on average, Packcity is comprised of modular secure electronic lockers with a touchscreen interface and software for reporting, tracking and monitoring. On delivery, items are scanned by mailroom staff and placed in one of the secure lockers. The touchscreen and internal address book – which is loaded on installation and thereafter automatically updated on a daily basis – notifies parcel recipients of their delivery and provides them with a unique pin code. Recipients can then collect the item whenever it suits them using the one-time pin code.

There’s no need for the mailroom staff to be present for collection, saving all parties time and increasing convenience and user satisfaction.

“As the volume of incoming packages increases, so does the pressure on those in the mailroom,” said Dennis LeStrange, Chief Operating Officer at Neopost SME Solutions. “Items have to be manually sorted and then distributed to the final recipient or stored until they are collected. Both processes take up valuable time and the latter can often only take place during certain hours – causing queues, backlogs and frustration. Packcity provides a secure 24/7 solution. It ensures that storage rooms remain organised and can handle an increasing volume of deliveries. It is the perfect solution for medium- to large-sized companies, and organisations that have multiple campuses such as universities.”

LeStrange continued: “Packcity saves users time and money, and enables more sustainable expansion of the mailroom. Its modular design means additional lockers can be simply integrated into existing networks, saving users the huge costs that can come with finding new storage space. Moreover, the advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities enable accurate calculation of the resources required to manage the entire incoming delivery process, allowing for more effective investment of resources.”

The solution is fully compatible with Track Inside, Neopost’s incoming delivery tracking solution, to provide a complete enterprise-wide view of parcels and their status. For companies that stretch across multiple sites but rely on a centralised mailroom, employees are able to easily identify where deliveries are in real-time and calculate when they will be ready for collection from the relevant locker.

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