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Neopost introduces cloud-based tool to help SMEs implement and keep control of multi-channel customer communications.

Today, organisations communicate with customers, prospects, partners, associates and employees using a variety of channels. Doing so has benefits for the sender and the recipient.

The survey of 280 small and mediumsized firms (SMEs) reveals that over half of SMEs use both physical and digital channels for general correspondence
The survey of 280 small and mediumsized firms (SMEs) reveals that over half of SMEs use both physical and digital channels for general correspondence

Even so, making the transition to multi-channel communications is not always straightforward. According to an Opinionway survey for Neopost, UK businesses are struggling to manage digital and postal communications effectively, resulting in wasted time, human errors and a lack of traceability.

The survey of 280 small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) reveals that over half of SMEs use both physical and digital channels for general correspondence (59%) and invoicing (53%).

When asked about the challenges they face in their communication processes, almost half cited the amount of time wasted in the preparation of digital and paper-based communications (47%) and the risk of human error (45%). Just over half (51%) said they found it hard to keep a record of communications sent via multiple channels.

To help such organisations manage the preparation, delivery and archiving of both paper and electronic documents – and provide a consistent customer experience across all channels – Neopost has introduced the neoPreference cloudbased management tool.

Key features include the ability to:

1.  Centralise production of digital and postal communications.

Use a single tool for the production of your digital and hard-copy communications, with centralised control and visibility of all your customer communications.

2.  Automate the creation of communications.

Save time and minimise errors by creating processes for the production of your customer communications, including the uploading of Excel, Word, Powerpoint and PDF files and supporting material; the creation of address lists; and the addition of digital signatures.

3.  Send communications via multiple channels.

Send communications via multiple channels from the same system. Once you have created your mailing just choose the channel to be used based on your own and/or individual customer preferences, including email attachment, weblink, a digitally certified email (with digital signature) or printing and mailing.

4.  Archive all communications regardless of channel used.

Keep a secure record of all communications you send – digital and postal – with 24/7 access to documents from a single system.

5.  Track and trace digital communications.

For compliance and security, Neopreference can track when communications are opened giving you a valuable audit trail for digital communications.

Neopost Digital Solutions Director Erwan Kernevez said: “We’ve developed NeoPreference so that businesses aren’t overwhelmed by the complexity a multichannel communication strategy can bring. As the office becomes increasingly digitised, it’s essential that organisations fully incorporate digital thinking and working into their everyday life. NeoPreference enables SMEs to maintain a productive, organised business that manages paper and digital.”


Another major benefit of neoPreference, says Kernevez, is improved compliance.

“Compliance is a big problem, with over half of SMEs unable to track their communications, which means they will face problems when asked to show, or provide the status of, specific documents by the tax office or auditors. NeoPreference solves this problem by automating the preparation of important documents, such as, invoices, credit notes and statements, thus completely removing the possibility of human error. The tool also contains an advanced search engine, allowing SMEs to search for and retrieve their electronically cloud stored documents in an instant.”

He added: “As the workplace increasingly embraces the multichannel approach, it’s imperative that companies implement an effective mail management solution that does all the hard work and administration for them – by doing this they will see a big difference in terms of efficiency, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, sales.”

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