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Mobisystems release free version of OfficeSuite for Windows PC & More….

The leading developer of cross-platform business & productivity apps, Mobisystems Inc., has released a free version of OfficeSuite for Windows PC. Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDF viewer, Cloud storage and a Mail client with Calendar can now be used on Windows PC for free, offering all major productivity functions.

Nikolay Kussovski, Mobisystems’ CTO, has given us some more insight:

“Ever since our company released an office application for mobile devices in 2004 we have strived to support individual and business users to efficiently do their work anywhere, anytime. Based on our vast experience with mobile devices, a paid version for Windows for PC was released. At thistime across PC and mobile devices, we have more than 300M users. The goal behind the release of a free OfficeSuite version for Windows PC is to offer additional editing functions that might be difficult to use on mobile device. This will allow us to improve the overall user experience,product quality and will help us better understanding the needs of our customers. While the free version has some restrictions compared to the paid version, it comes with all the necessary functions for working with all types of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and emails.”

OfficeSuite is now available as a free app for all major platforms, Android, iOS and Windows. Users can enjoy all it has to offer across platforms and even make use of the integrated MobiSystems Drive that comes with free cloud storage to access all their files at any time.

The major features of OfficeSuite are:

1: The free version is equipped with the most often used functions by the general customer.

Every application restricts the functions that can be used in the free version compared to the paid version. However, with the free OfficeSuite all the essential functions that users need are available. A comparison table is available further down in the press releasefor detailedinformation.

2: Full compatibility with Microsoft Office

OfficeSuite offers extremely high compatibility with Microsoft Office and various popular file formats (Open Document, CSV and others). No need to convert and manipulate files – they can be opened and used right away by OfficeSuite.

3: Cross-platform and cloud support – Work with any file, anywhere, anytime on any device.

Your data gets automatically synchronized between Windows and mobile devices (Android and iOS), so you can keep on working while on the go.