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Mobile workers at risk of visual hacking

Almost nine out of ten mobile workers (87%) say they have caught someone looking at their laptops in public spaces and 76% admit to having inadvertently seen something they should not have on someone else’s screen.

Visual hacking - a risk!
Visual hacking – a risk!

According to the 3M Public Spaces Survey, conducted by The Ponemon Institute, 77% of those questioned are somewhat or very concerned about visual hacking, yet more than half (51%) admit that they don’t take any steps to protect important information while working in public.

Peter Barker, EMEA Market Development Manager, 3M, said: “People know that visual hacking is a risk, yet many are still not taking preventative actions. However, visual privacy is one of the easiest and most cost-effective areas of mobile security to implement, simply by installing privacy filters on all screens.”

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