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Mobile app development beyond most businesses

More than four fifths of businesses lack the skills or resources to develop employee-facing mobile apps in-house, according to a new study by mobile data capture specialist WorkMobile.

This shows that while employee-facing mobile apps play a key role in most enterprise mobility strategies, with 91% of businesses making use of them, 85% are unable to develop apps successfully in-house.

More than one third (38%) of IT teams say they are overstretched and don’t have the time or capacity to develop their own apps, with a further 36% admitting that they don’t have the coding skills and expertise required.

Almost half (47%) say they have found it difficult to recruit employees with the right mobile development expertise.

WorkMobile found that even among businesses that are able to develop their own apps, many have struggled to do so successfully:

*63% have experienced problems developing apps within a particular timeframe;
*56% have been forced to abandon the development of an app before completion;
*36% have struggled to develop apps within a designated budget; and
*30% have struggled to develop apps for a range of operating systems and devices.

Faced with these difficulties, 64% of CIOs say they would be interested in using a no-coding mobile app toolkit as an alternative to developing apps in-house themselves.

Almost half (44%) believe no-coding mobile apps would reduce the workload for their team; a third think they would allow teams to implement mobile solutions more quickly; and 29% think they would make it easier to stay within budget.

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