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Marketing: The Rise Of The Workday Consumer

The blurring of lines between work and life during the pandemic has given birth to what Microsoft Advertising calls Workday Consumers, people who freely switch between employee, personal and consumer modes throughout the day.

Microsoft believes this is a permanent shift, citing research conducted with Forrester Consulting showing that 60% of global consumers now complete a mix of work and personal tasks during working hours, with 59% considering both to be of equal importance.

Nearly half (42%) of UK consumers now spend more than 1 hour on personal tasks during worktime. The most common activity is researching products/services they are considering purchasing (56%), with 11% of respondents spending more than 3 hours on this each working day.

Over the next 12 months, 44% of consumers expect to increase the number of online purchases they make during working hours.

Microsoft Advertising points out most brands and advertisers have not recognized the significance of this trend and have been slow to target the Workday Consumer.

More than two thirds (67%) of global advertisers surveyed rated their own brands as novices or intermediates in building in-depth understandings of different personas; 60% say their companies don’t consider working ‘mode’ or ‘mindset’ when developing target personas, suggesting they are yet to tap into the opportunities presented by the Workday Consumer.

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