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Marketing – The Secrets Of Successful Email Prospecting

Sopro has revealed the dos and don’ts of effective email prospecting in a new report based on billions of data points from 25 million emails sent over the last five years. The State of Prospecting 2022 identifies various factors that contribute to successful prospecting, including how and when to send messages and which targets generate the best response.

Examples of the former are:

  • Perfect email length: 150 words
  • Best time for email opening: Friday at 8am
  • Best time to send: Midday on Wednesday and 11am on Thursday deliver the highest Lead Rates (new connections that convert into revenue)
  • Optimal response time: Monday at 11am
  • Number of times to contact a prospect: The third email in a prospecting sequence gets the most responses Examples of the latter are:
  • Best open rates: Any job title that includes ‘founder’
  • Best industry open rate: Media Production, with a 45.9% open rate
  • Best responding role: Payroll Managers, replying to 39% of sales emails
  • Best responding industry: Government Administration, replying to 30.2% of email

To download a copy of the report, The State of Prospecting 2022, visit: https://sopro. io/results/the-state-of-prospecting/ whitepaper/

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