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Making a big impression

By Andrew Hall, marketing manager, OKI Systems UK

OKI Systems UK is bringing office printing into an exciting new age, with the launch of its latest range of colour printers and multifunction printers (MFPs). The new portfolio enables businesses of all sizes – from the smallest SMB to the largest enterprise – to print professional quality materials using a wide array of media weights and sizes, on demand and in house, thereby saving time and money and driving competitive edge.

Aim higher with printers from OKI

This launch marks a major renewal and refresh of OKI’s colour product range, opening up new market possibilities but also strengthening the company’s core market provision. It adds even more functionality as standard across the range to improve connectivity, security and ease of use but it also makes big business capability available to every size of organisation. Now smaller businesses can build their brand and make as big an impression as their larger competitors.

With the launch of the new portfolio, more businesses can transform their document management and workflow processes and compete with larger enterprises on an equal footing without having to make a huge investment. They can enable remote working with peace of mind, knowing their intellectual property is protected to robust new standards.

Printers that do it all – exceptional colour, smart functionality

The new range begins with the affordable C332dn and MC363dn – which alongside outstanding ProQ2400 print quality; offer the fastest speeds for their class on the market. The MC363dn provides duplex copying, faxing, scanning and printing.

Businesses looking for accelerated growth through should consider the new C542dn and the multifunction MC573 which open up the world of touch-screen technology and smart printing to this price range.

Both boast a powerful new engine resulting in speeds of 30/30 ppm and 1200 x 1200 dpi print quality. The devices’ customisable 7” screen and OKI’s smart extendable platform (sXP) enable connection to an existing pull printing fleet or access to document management software, at no extra cost, helping to streamline document intensive processes. This web service-based platform enables seamless integration of smart printers and MFPs with a bespoke system or third party solutions such as PaperCut MF, Drivve Image and SENDYS Explorer (downloadable from the OKI website free of charge).

This server-based software enables small businesses to do everything they need to do to capture, convert, distribute, upload or print documents. This, for the first time, brings exceptional document management capability to the smaller business, especially as all functionalities are also accessible through a smartphone and tablet application. In addition, SENDYS Explorer goes beyond document workflow capabilities with accounting and pull-printing functionality and its optional output management connector allows administrators to manage all users’ print, copy and scan jobs as and when required.

The combination of OKI’s open platform sXP and integrated SENDYS Explorer software make its smart MFPs ideal for enabling digital workflows. Small footprint MFPs enable quick and easy scanning of all types of documents, at the point of creation, for example in a clinical setting or at the point of sale within retail. Strengthening the overall solution’s functionality still further, an OKI software development kit (SDK) also enables rapid development of embedded solutions.

High volume colour for busy workgroups

The C612dn and C712dn in the upper end of the range combine fast production of high-level output with reliability and robust security and also a surprisingly low cost of ownership. The portfolio also includes A3 digital LED printers such as the C823/833/843 with the smallest footprint on the market. Thanks to OKI’s digital LED technology and HD Colour output, the C800 Series delivers outstanding print quality, particularly saturated colours and finer details, on an unrivalled range of media, perfect for creative businesses.

Aim higher

Ultimately, the launch of the new colour printer and MFP range is all about helping growing businesses aim higher.

There are far-reaching benefits for all organisations from being able to print all their colour collateral when they need it without having to leave the comfort of their office. It’s great for maintaining a professional image, no matter how small the business. No minimum orders or rounding up, so no waste either – or the need for storage.

Organisations can also now keep up with fast-changing product lines. All this without forgoing quality. In fact printing on demand means getting it just right with short test runs and tweaking ‘on the fly’ all now possible – and it’s all very cost-effective into the bargain.