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Make any presentation shine

By Royce Lye, General Manager, BenQ UK

Presentations are a chance to make that all important first impression, and BenQ’s Portable Projector CH100 has been created to do your work justice. It combines sRGB colour accuracy, full HD 1080p resolution, and convenient portability in one compact package, delivering no compromise colour performance. 

CH100 is specifically designed to make your big ideas shine. It features a wide colour gamut with sRGB certification used throughout the web and professional monitors, making it ideal for displaying highly colourful work in areas such as web design, packaging, and app development.

Native Full HD 1080p produces precise, crisp displays that pick out even the most subtle details, such as the edges of an icon. Super wide gamut display and an immense range of colours means CH100 comes into its own when presenting creative ideas and kaleidoscopic work in rich living colour. The efficient LED light source unlocks a super wide colour space, covering 90% of the NTSC colour gamut to achieve even the most difficult-to-produce hues.

CH100 has been designed to cope with a wide range of applications. Its five application-specific presentation modes tune the unit’s audiovisual characteristics for the perfect performance, allowing users to choose the set-up that suits their requirements, showing work off in the best light. They can choose from:

· Motion Graphics Mode: Calibrated sharpness and sound without external speakers, ideal for presentations with promotional or illustrative videos
· Graphic (sRGB) Mode: Accurate colour that is perfect for presenting web graphics and colourful design
· Vivid Colour Mode: Ideal for compelling presentations in moderately lit environments accommodating as many as 10 attendees
· Lectures Mode: Crisp readability and clear image quality to emphasise PowerPoint, Word, Excel content, as well as presentations with complex text designs

CH100 makes it easy to project a professional impression anytime, anywhere. It is slim enough to carry in one hand and as compact as a 13” laptop, so can easily be slipped into a portfolio, toted in its fitted case, or simply tucked under your arm.

Thanks to features like spontaneous start up and larger-than-life image scale even in tight confines, CH100 is perfect for ensuring a smooth presentation. It powers up in mere seconds and immediately projects from the auto-detected source with auto aspect ratio and auto keystone correction – which corrects the trapezoid effect for straight images – so there’s minimal delay and you can tell your story and show your ideas from the get go. The whisper-quiet operation makes the unit completely unobtrusive, allowing your audience to give their full attention to your presentation with no distractions. When you close the lens cover, CH100 conveniently turns off after 15 seconds.

For even more flexibility, the CH100 offers an optional QCast video streaming dongle, which enables wireless presentations in Full HD from nearly any smart device or laptop. This is all without cable clutter, complicated setup or connectivity issues.

The innovative short-throw lens allows you to make any space presentation-ready with the CH100. Project a big image even in small spaces; images of up to 81” are possible from just two metres away. It also doesn’t cast any distracting shadows, leaving the audience’s full focus on your presentation.

The CH100 is the ultimate low maintenance addition to your presentation kit. Its enduring LED light source maintains its out-of-box brightness level over time without any degradation. And BenQ DLP technology minimises colour decay to deliver consistent brand-new projection quality year after year.

In addition, the guaranteed LED light source life of 20,000 hours means there is the added benefit of avoiding the expense and hassle of lamp replacement.

CH100 is a high quality professional asset you can count on; a must have for the most professional presentation in any circumstance. 

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