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Mail. Message. Managed. – A new era for Frama UK

For over 45 years Frama have led the way with franking system innovation and are once again looking towards the future.

Lenny Wood, Marketing Manager of Frama UK talks about re-branding, new products and the evolution of the Frama Group.

Lenny Wood, Marketing Manager of Frama UK
Lenny Wood, Marketing Manager of Frama UK

Market forces

Our market is developing dynamically. Physical and digital mail and communication show highly integrated patterns and trends with e-commerce producing a significant growth of parcel volumes. This fact generates new and diverse requirements in overall process. The need for efficiency, ease of integration and convenience are on the increase.

As the volume of physical letters continues to decline, substitution and process integration of digital media are the two key drivers to be addressed. Sender and recipient therefore have new and diverse needs.

The reliable quality of the physical letter remains undisputed. Profiled addressing, content integrity and remarkable delivery service and legal acceptance represent future key elements of the physical mail industry. Without a doubt physical mail volume and structure will continuously adapt to the ever changing requirements of the marketplace. However, the overall importance of digital communication will grow steadily.

Looking to the future

The overall importance of digital communication will grow steadily
The overall importance of digital communication will grow steadily

“Frama is in a phase of transformation. Our product and solution offering has been expanded significantly, no longer concentrating on simple mailroom equipment but now offering a comprehensive, end-to-end document handling solution.

Building upon a successful history of mailroom solutions and data security elements, Frama is now looking to provide an all-under-one-roof solution for the production, management and distribution of all business documents both physical and digital, delivering increased efficiency in process and a bottom line cost saving”.

What does “Mail. Message. Managed.” stand for?

“Mail” stands for letters and parcels of all kinds. The smallest parcel is the letter. “Message” represents digital communication. “Managed” refers to the all-under-one-roof solution.

As Frama builds for the future and develops new solutions, our principles of clear transparent pricing and best in class customer service will continue to be the bedrock of everything we do.


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