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Losing motivation whilst working from home? Expert reveals tips for getting your mojo back

With the weather being pretty miserable and most people still working from home, this can leave us to feel demotivated and uninspired when it comes to our job. Without the buzz of the office and colleagues to chat to many people notice that they become less productive and may even start to question their career choice.

However, there are a few things you can do to help productivity levels and ensure that you make the most of your working days, so you feel back on track. Here Dr Giuseppe Aragona, GP and online doctor for Prescription Doctorreveals his tips for getting your work mojo back.

  1. Take some time away from your desk

For the most part the reason many people lose motivation with their job is because they’re simply tied to they’re desk and don’t have any time to think outside the box or reassess. This is quite apparent when working from home because when you’re in the office you are making coffee for people, chatting to colleagues, attending real time meetings and generally having a lot of mini breaks throughout the day which are actually important for keeping you feeling on top of your game. When working from home this is all taken away and you may end up at your desk with little or no breaks, so ensuring you take regular trips away from your desk is imperative, whether that be a daytime walk, workout, lunch break or regular tea breaks taking yourself away from your screen which should increase productivity.


  1. Work from a public place


Now things are back open to an extent, I would advise working from a public place a few times a week whether that be a café, co work space or a library. This is important because you will be around other people and hustle and bustle, and this will trick the mind into thinking your back in the office, and if a person is working in a space surrounded by other people this usually makes them more productive. It will also do your mental health world of good, getting out and speaking to and seeing other people.



  1. Increase physical activity


Ensuring you break up office hours with exercise is really important as keeping the body healthy and the blood pumping will also have effects on your mind therefore improving concentration. If you can’t find time at lunch, try and fit a workout in the morning, evening or got for a nice long walk after work.


  1. Have a working structure in place


Having a routine is imperative when working from home, as If not you may find that your mind is all over the place from not having a proper structure. Start your day at the same time every day, ensure you allow time for yourself in the morning to have coffee and breakfast. Regular breaks throughout the day are also important, even a lunchtime walk may help productivity.


  1. Fall back in love with the job


If you are losing your mojo with the job at hand, try to remember what made you choose this career path, you may want to join up to forums or speaking events for your job which should help you to remember why you are in this field help you to regain that drive. There are usually plenty of work events on that you can join up with, network, and attend business lunches where you can.


  1. Get outside regularly


Getting fresh air is really important for not only your physical heath, but also your mental health. Whether it’s a run, a walk or meeting a friend for a coffee in the park, ensuring you get fresh air into your lungs daily will keep your mind free from stress and this will show in your job when you are able to work with a clear head.


  1. Meet with colleagues


The office may not be open, but you can still meet with work colleagues for drinks on a Friday or for lunch certain days of the week. Meeting with those you work with on a daily basis, but you only see on a screen will really help you to reconnect to them and your role, that face to face contact should also help to boost your work relationships and remind you why you are in the job that you do. Perhaps organise weekly work drinks on a Friday so you can keep that social element of your job alive.