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Locilabs Announces a new SafeSpace Card wearable and Contact Tracing Cloud Dashboard

Locilabs has announced the availability of their latest SafeSpace wearable and Cloud Contact Tracing platform that joins the SafeSpace Watch and Badge, the SafeSpace Card. The SafeSpace card enables businesses to implement social distancing and contract tracing safely in a workplace, retail or event space. The SafeSpace Contact Tracing Dashboard quickly identify workers and visitors who have been in contact to protect employees and customers.

SafeSpace devices use Ultrawide-band (UWB) radio which offers an extremely high precision distance estimation compared to Bluetooth and other radio technologies and is accurate to within 10cm. The wearables provide immediate feedback to the wearer when they encroach within a 2 metre or predefined distance of another SafeSpace unit. The new SafeSpace Card is IP56 rated meaning it’s durable, water resistant and easy to sanitise with a battery that will last a full working day, with an average lifespan of up to 14 hours.

Statistics are captured every time a Social Distancing alert is generated and then made accessible via the Contact Tracing Dashbard which is a cloud-based hub allowing companies to track and trace contacts and ultimately prioritise the quarantine of specific staff following an outbreak if required using a quantifiable data set.

Chris Stretton, CEO, LociLabs said: “We are excited to announce the SafeSpace card and Contact Tracing Dashboard that joins the SafeSpace Watch and Badge to allow businesses to adapt at a time where social distancing and contact tracing is paramount to the health and safety of workers.”

Already, many businesses have seen the wide range of benefits that SafeSpace provides to keep its employees safe.

SafeSpace devices are available now. Further details can be found at

About SafeSpace 

SafeSpace is an array of intelligent wearable devices given to customers and employees, that constantly monitors and records the distance from other devices, alerting wearers if they get too close to one another. These interactions are then recorded in the Contact Tracing Dashboard so businesses can analyse employees and customers at risk.

SafeSpace has been accepted into the Crown Commercial Services and is available from with prices starting from £79 per unit + VAT.

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