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Let’s Talk about L.O.V.E …    at work?! Sandra Thompson, owner of EI Evolution…..

…. wants to shake things up by talking about love….in the workplace.  She’s the first Emotional Intelligence Goleman Coach in the UK, and a force to be reckoned with:  enthusiastic, curious & knowledgeable.

A specialist in EI in Customer Experience (CX), Sandra excels in coaching businesses and individuals to improve work environments with empathy, kindness, caring, and at the same time, become more successful. She’s also a TedX speaker on the subject.

She’s also been nominated for the 2021 CX Stars in Customer Experience Magazine which will rank the Top 50 influencers in the country.  (The results are out at the end of January 2021.)

Sandra believes that in 2021, after such a turbulent year of emergency working from home; job losses;  home schooling; on top of the fear of Covid-19 itself, it’s time to talk about our feelings…

This Valentine’s Day 2021 – as well as the tradition of showing our love and care for our friends and family, and those who we can’t see right now, how about showing love and care to our work colleagues?   If 2020 taught us anything, it was to take a look at ourselves and how we learn to respond to all kinds of trauma, how we can change and be flexible, and evaluate how we are living our lives, and how we treat people.  In short, to be kinder.”

“Many people think that there isn’t a place for emotion in the workplace and I know that isn’t true!  All it takes is for a handful of people to do something simple to show they care, or share their stories of kindness – that’s the impact of emotion on behaviour right there.  Which is why I’ve set up a hashtag #hereisthelove on Linked In :  to encourage us all to show that we care!   I’d really like to capture that warm fuzzy feeling we all get when someone demonstrates thoughtfulness.  

During lockdown someone I had been working with sent me a surprise parcel – a sweater with the words from a favourite song of mine embroidered on it: ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine’.  The song was really important to me, we’d talked about this just once and then I received this unexpected gift which really stopped me in my tracks.  This experience will stay with my forever.  It was a demonstration of colleague love, thoughtfulness and kindness. 

What would your ‘jumper’ moment be?  Let’s celebrate all of these positive vibes.

Sandra hasn’t always thought like this.  She worked in marketing roles on leaving uni and switched to running her own customer experience consultancy 10 years ago.  “I’ve always been thoroughly professional in the workplace, but started to discover that when I opened up a little and described how I actually felt about the project we were working on,  this built stronger relationships with colleagues and we all began to work better together, trust each other more and deliver more. ”   

It’s only when Sandra started to study Emotional Intelligence and realized that experiences could be better for customers and employees if more people developed this skill, that she decided it was time to challenge the way people perceived emotion in the workplace. 

Let’s stop just concentrating on processes and procedures, and start considering what it means to be human.  2021 is THE opportunity for businesses to show appreciation for staff who have been loyal and kept things running in these incredibly difficult times. Customers will, in turn, see which businesses have compassion and respect and will choose them above competitors.”

Sandra now works with major companies looking to develop their workforce in a positive direction.  She specializes in bringing ‘bold experiences’ around emotional intelligence as a positive skill for culture change and customer loyalty. As she puts it ‘Businesses can become happier, healthier and wealthier’.

EI draws on science and quite simply, can enhance our lives, because we know ourselves better, we understand our families and loved ones more deeply, bringing us a sense of calm.  Likewise, this skill in the workplace can work wonders for harmony, empathy and understanding; ultimately developing successful brands, and driving stronger & more successful businesses. We all remember when a member of staff went the ‘extra mile’. What they are actually doing is demonstrating emotional intelligence.” 

 “My mission for the EI Evolution would be to help thousands of people feel happier in their daily lives by seeing it embedded in the national curriculum and university syllabuses and as a recognized competency & skill in the workplace.” 

Sandra is currently working with Pearson College, London and a number of schools developing their teams and pupils.

“I’d love this Valentine’s Day to be a time when we all start thinking about how we show love to our colleagues, perhaps a random act of kindness like my ‘jumper’ story!   I hear lots of stories about EI and CX – good and bad. The ones that make a difference are the stories of excellence and compassion.”

See or hear Sandra in action here: this site will be live 2 February. 

#hereisthelove will be up on LinkedIn to follow from 2 February. 

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