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Lack of digital skills hits productivity

A lack of digital skills among the UK workforce is causing problems in the boardroom and contributing to low productivity, research commissioned by Barco ClickShare and conducted by Vanson Bourne suggests.

The global study of 1,250 IT decision-makers reveals that the UK has the biggest skills gap, with 65% of UK IT professionals stating that employees ask for IT assistance because they are not digitally savvy enough (65%). Almost half of UK respondents (45%) claim employees don‘t believe it is their job to deal with technology problems. Boardroom technology was cited as the biggest IT challenge facing companies, both in the UK and globally. The average company experiences 11 problems every week, taking more time to resolve than any other IT issue.

George Stromeyer, senior vice president of the Enterprise Division at Barco, said: “If you are going to tackle productivity, you need to get a handle on the basics. Meetings are critical, yet we routinely put up with them being delayed by tech issues. Ten minutes wasted at the start of a meeting may sound insignificant, but across every meeting taking place in every UK company, that’s hundreds of thousands of hours and billions of pounds wasted.”