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Lack of BYOD policies puts data at risk

Managed Services Provider (MSP) Annodata is warning the public sector that they could be putting confidential data at risk after a Freedom of Information request revealed that 42% of local authorities in England have yet to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.


Joe Doyle, marketing director at Annodata, said: “BYOD can bring clear benefits in the form of greater flexibility and increased productivity. However, any gains will be null and void if there is not a clear policy to accompany this. Not giving BYOD appropriate consideration can result in increased risk of data leakage and make it difficult to determine which devices are accessing which systems and data.”

He added: “The public sector needs to approach BYOD with due diligence and special emphasis needs to be placed on security when employees are using their own devices to access an organisation’s data.”